Short Fiction


How to Join A Colony of Sea-Folk; Or, Other Ways of Knowing, Fantasy Magazine, Issue 83, September 2022 (link forthcoming)

The Coffin Maker's Daughter, Translunar Travelers Lounge, Issue 7, August 2022

Blessed are the Healers, Uncanny 47, July 2022

Trials and Invocation in the Basin of the Three Sisters, 3LBE, July 2022

Pepper Honey and Cedar Smoke, Decoded 3, June 2022

Three for a Funeral, The Book of Queer Saints, March 2022

The First of Us: The Geordonn Smith Story, FIYAH 20, October 2021

Such A Fun Age, And if that Mockingbird Don't Sing, January 2022

Just Til Morning, August 2021