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Three for a Funeral

"I don’t think this book belongs to any one religion, not to any one group of people, but instead it’s someone's collection of Old World tales and tonics expanded and blended into something new. This is diaspora magic. Scattered but not forgotten. New blossoms, same roots."


Don't get me wrong, 'happy-ever-afters' are nice but I absolutely love something about angsty love or love gone awry. And though Ash and Diana are friends, best friends even, don't get it twisted, this is absolutely a love story.


"K. S. Walker’s “Three for a Funeral” melds revenge yarn, quiet horror, and creature feature into a tale difficult to put down.."

"The Book of Queer Saints is fabulous. Often shocking and always compelling, it is a searing response to self-righteous, media illiterate criticism, and a staggering collection from some of the best writers horror currently has to offer. "

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